Finding an Heir

We find heirs

Whether you are a neighbour, a co-heir, a property administrator, a civil servant... Finding heirs solves many problems especially when settling an inheritance, collecting taxes, community fees, etc.

Collaborate with us

Along with the information of the deceased and the address of the abandoned house, we conduct an in-depth investigation in order to find the heirs.

We have professional genealogists who carry out research work and develop family trees.

We locate heirs who are probably unaware of the existence and status of their estate to continue with the proceedings.

We manage the entire inheritance procedure.

We take care of the change of ownership, payment of taxes, and advance all expenses to liquidate the assets and hand over it to the heirs, which is rightfully theirs.

Who may have an interest in finding an heir?

  • Squatters: To prevent apartments from being ‘squatted’. Commonly, any type of abandoned housing is the most targeted by mafias and dangerous squatting gangs.
  •  Deterioration of the property with no one to claim responsibility for.
  • Non-payment of community fees: Abandoned properties end up generating substantial debts for the Community of Property Owners and making their claims complicated.
  • Interest in the purchase of the property.
  • The need to find a co-heir and the acceptance of the inheritance can be made individually by each of the heirs. However, at the time of practicing the division, the Civil Code requires that all of them jointly give their consent. In cases where a co-heir is missing, we offer our services to locate them, and to be able to continue with the inheritance process.
  • Liquidity and quick sale of the inherited house or apartment.
  • Relatives who cannot locate the person they believe deceased and find themselves with the possibility of being beneficiaries of a widow’s or widower’s pension, or orphan’s pension, or compensation corresponding to a life insurance.
  • Others: Interest in meeting unknown relatives.
  • Correct functioning of the community.
  •  Reduce community fees for the tranquility of neighbors and end debts for the community that produce such situations.
  • Putting an end to delinquency: Intervention in the Communities by solving the inheritance of the deceased neighbor.
  •  Eviction of squatters in a peaceful manner. Negotiation with squatters: We help you with empty properties and those inhabited by ‘squatters’.
  • We give security to the building: We install an alarm system and change the lock instantly after the opening of the apartment/flat to give security and peace of mind to neighbors to avoid a ‘squatting’ or misappropriation of the property.
  • GIH offers increased sales opportunities in the real estate sector. If you know of the existence of an abandoned apartment or property, let us know, and once the heirs have been located, we will offer you the management of the sale of the property.

Need to find an heir?

Tell us about your case and we will contact you as soon as possible.

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