Inheritances in other Countries

We handle inheritances with international connections

We have a wide network of collaborators who are experts in inheritance and each country´s laws, and no language nor legislation is a barrier to receiving your inheritance.

Do you need to claim an inheritance in another country?

Whether you are outside or inside Spain, we will solve the issues, since we are experts in international inheritances. 

We solve the whole process

We take care of the whole process in managing the inheritance. We accompany the heir so that you do not have to worry about legislation, language or border barriers.

No need to travel

We will help you claim your property and the rest of the estate. We will take care of everything without you having to relocate, since we are experts in getting all the necessary information and documentation anywhere in the world.

We know the inheritance laws of each country

  • We ensure a fair allocation and distribution of assets.
  • We coordinate the apostilles and valuations of the documentations.
  • We handle the inheritance process and its liquidation in case the heir so wishes.

Do you need to process an inheritance from another country?

Our team of experts have knowledge of laws for each country regarding succession; tell us your case and we will advise you.

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