Conflicting Inheritances

Reasons for conflicting inheritances

Mediation services between heirs

  • Disagreement in the distribution of asset valuation.
  • Lack of specification of the assets that correspond to each heir.
  • Disagreement on how to deal with estate debts.
  • Establishing the whereabouts of any of the co-heirs.

How are disputes between heirs resolved?

  • GIH creates a safe and confidential environment for co-heirs to reach an agreement on the basis of different alternatives and leaves it in the hands of a specialist.

Leave it to a specialist.

  • If no agreement is reached, a judge will determine the distribution of the inheritance.
  • We have lawyers specialized in judicial procedures and experts in Inheritance Law.

Do you have problems with your inheritance?

Are you the beneficiary of an inheritance? No agreement with the other heirs? Claim what is yours, don’t lose your inheritance.

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