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Do you know all the assets that make up your estate?

Whether you are a neighbour, a co-heir, a property administrator, a civil servant... Finding heirs solves many problems especially when settling an inheritance, collecting taxes, community fees, etc.

There are many cases of a deceased owning a life insurance policy, several bank accounts, land, homes abroad, stocks, etc.

Since heirs are not always 100% aware of an inheritance, even when there is a will, it is not typical for the whole of the assets that make up the estate to be detailed. Without a will, it is even more frequent that part of the estate will be abandoned, due to the lack of knowledge of its existence.

Our team of experts have a great deal of experience in asset ascertainment in the distribution of the inheritance, therefore heirs will know the entirety of the estate.

We find out all the inheritance that corresponds to you

  • We find out the estates corresponding to you.
  • We obtain the necessary documentation to process your inheritance.
  • We help you with the adjudication of the inheritance and the liquidation of the assets.

Unaware of what inheritance you are entitled to?

Make your consultation without obligation and we will advise you on resolving your inheritance in a satisfactory way.

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