Specialists in searching for heirs throughout the world

Our Services

A multidisciplinary business group with professionals specialising in Inheritance Law and financial and Real Estate analysts to offer the heir a complete and comprehensive experience from start to finish for the heir’s peace of mind.


Search for heirs

We find heirs after a specialised inheritance investigation.


Inheritance purchase

As an alternative to resignation of

inheritance we value your patrimony and buy it from you.


Manage your inheritance

We handle your inheritance so that you don’t have to worry about documentation, notaries, wills or last wills.


Inheritance in another country

We take care of both the investigation and the processing of the inheritance no matter where the inheritance or the heir is located, as long as it has a connection with Spain.


Equity research

We investigate all the deceased’s property, so no bank accounts or properties are left unclaimed.


Conflicting inheritances

In cases where heirs do not reach an agreement, we are specialists in inheritance mediation, and resolve the conflict in the most beneficial way for our clients.

Need Help with your Inheritance?

Specialists in searching for heirs throughout the world

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